About me

As a kid I was always inspired by photography, fashion and art, which is why many years later I have made a life-changing decision of incorporating my education in computer science and my life-long passion for design in my career.

I have worked on many programming projects since I've been out of school but there was something missing in my career: I was not able to be creative. After being in the IT industry for over 10 years I felt the need to fulfil my imaginative personality with something that I had a passion for. In order to be successful one needs to be in the field that accommodates skills, experience, but most importantly inspiration for what needs to be accomplished. This is why I have decided to become a web designer. Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge". I believe that only by including imagination, knowledge, experience and passion in the career goal one can achieve the most satisfactory, impressive and accomplished results not only in profession but also in life.

Web design is not an easy field to get into: the technology changes too frequently and too quickly as well as you need to have new ideas on a daily basis. Learning anything and becoming great at it is never easy. However, when the new discipline allows you to do what you are already good at and a life-long hobby, learning it, is not only interesting but it can also change your life to a much more fulfilled one.

The life is too short to work on something that you do not enjoy and that does not challenge or inspire you. Becoming a web designer is not a destination that I want to get to, but a journey of learning, working, and being inspired every day of my life.